A journey through my emoticon history

We go back through the time till 2001. In 2001 I started my first homepage. There was listed different things, where I thought that was usefull to have in one place. With the time of browsing through the internet, I found these cute little graphics. Most of the time they where called smilies, I really liked these smilies so I collected a lot of them. In 2002 came a point where I thought I should specify my homepage to one theme.

As you notice it was not very hard for me to choose my theme. So SML World was born, I listed all my collected smilies in different categories. In 2002 I started also my first community board. With the time I get own ideas for emoticons. But I did not found, emoticons that fitted. So I try to build my own emoticons. At the beginning I start to used existing emoticons and changed them how I like them. My very first emoticons were some devil emoticons. I found a base in the web and try to put some faces to them. The devils emoticons you can found at Smilies and more.

Over the time I recognized that this was really uncool, to use other things. And so I wanted to try to create my very own style. I practice a lot and used many different styles. In 2004 I found deviantART a nice community with some other emoticonists. This was a point where I said yes now you can reach your target. And with a lot of support via comments and faves and a lot of practice I reached my target. I created my very own style.

I change the vision of my homepage again. I don’t wanted to present emoticons, that was not my own. I wanted to show my own work. In 2008 I changed my project from SML World to Smileydesign. I closed my community board and started my self a blog. Because I wanted, that no one needs to register to communicate with me. SimpleSmile was the blog project. Features like the emoticon of the month was pretty easy to handle and everyone could easily use it. Since then I searched also for a brand for my emoticons, it started first with imotion, but I was not very happy with it myself.

In mid 2010 I had a spontaneous idea how to call my own emoticon creations. Gomotes was born. As I would say at the moment, this is my last big project. Finally I have this what I was looking over all the years. A place with my selfmade emoticons. Easy in use for everyone, who like my emoticon art.

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