28 Years of Text Emoticons

It was September 19th 1982 where Scott E. Fahlmann published the first text emoticons in the world wide web. The all loved smile and sad emoticon was born. Till now we have tons of text emoticons you can describe, almost everything with a combination of symbols and text. Some basic text emoticons, you can found at the emoticon dictionary.

I’m very happy that he published them, because if he didn’t we had today no Gomotes. You can use my gomotes as graphical replacements for text emoticons.

I asked you a while ago for your favorite text emoticons, if you missed them you found the results here: Your favorite text emoticons!

Today we used text emoticons for our messages, in every medium and most of us understand what they mean. I don’t wanna miss text emoticons anymore.

So happy anniversary dear expressional text emoticons! :)

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