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deviantART search the best Emoticons and Emoticon Artists from 2012. The users could send in there nominations till 14th February. The 2012 Emote Awards are hosted at Emotewatch this year.

The categories from 2012 Emote Awards

  • Best Animated Emoticonist – This emoticonist has created some of the best animated emoticons of 2012.

    Best Static Emoticonist – This emoticonist has created some of the best static (non-moving) emoticons of 2012.

    Best Chat Emoticonist – This emoticonist has created some of the best chat-friendly emoticons of 2012. Chat emoticons are generally smaller and have a more specific purpose to be usable in chats and forums, without breaking text lines significantly.

    Best Newcomer – This is an emoticonist who created their first emoticon in 2012 and has shown great promise or exceptional skill.

    Best NaNoEmo Participant – This emoticonist participated in NaNoEmo and produced the most amazing work for the event. To see the participants and their works, check out #NaNoEmo

    Best Emoticon Group – This group should have been active through 2012 and helped support, promote, and feature the art of the community.

    Best Emoticon Tutorial – The best tutorial covering emote creation, animation, shading, or other emoting skill uploaded in 2012.

    Emoticon Project of the Year – The emoticon project that blew everyone away. Note that only finished or ongoing projects will eligible; abandoned projects will not.

    Best Emote Plz Account – The best emoticon PLZ account created in 2012.

    Best Emoticon of the Year – This is the top dog, the emote that blew the rest away last year.

    Best Emoticon-Art – This piece should utilize top-notch pixelling, backgrounds, and a high level of animation (if any). As the category states, it should best represent to the dA community that emoticons can be art.

    Best Chat Emoticon – This piece should epitomize chat-friendliness, sporting the best-of-the-best in both lovely looks and useability.

    Emoticonist of the Year – This is the top award. This emoticonist has set themself apart from the crowd by creating wonderful emotes, as well as being an active member of the community.

The rules from the 2012 Emote Awards

If you’re a member of deviantART you could now nominate your favourite emoticonists and emoticons from 2012 via note. Sent the note with your nominations directly to Emotewatch.

For more informations please read this journal.

So what you waiting for, send out your nominations now and have fun.

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