Greensmilies is four

Happy Birthday to a good friend and his project Greensmilies.

I really like Michael’s green smilies. Now he went four and it’s allways a pleasure to visit his site. To celebrate the day he presented some new smiley creations.

I wish him all the best and hope he has a lot of fun in the next four years. Go to him and spread some love, he’s really deserving. in love

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One Response to Greensmilies is four

  1. meaway says:

    Da sollte ich wohl auch mal wieder vorbei schauen! :D

Emoticons: :arrow: :D :? 8) :cry: 8O :evil: :!: :idea: :lol: :x :mrgreen: :| :?: :P :oops: :roll: :( :) :o :twisted: ;)
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