World Cup Fan Emoticons

Hey folks,

on June 12th the World Cup 2014 in Brazil start, till July 13th thirty two countries fight for the World Cup title. Support your favorite country with some fan emoticons. Especially for this occasion I made a drummer emoticon, for every nation, which is part of the World Cup. Drummer Emoticon

But that’s by far not all fan emoticons on Gomotes. You could also support your nation with a flag emoticon. This emoticon swing a flag, with the nation you want to support. Happy Brazil Flag Emoticon

As fans we experience highlights and deep points. So we have a wide repertoire with expression, from happy faces till sad faces. With Gomotes you get them all and you can show the world, with a simple smiley face.

Happy faces

Screaming Joy Emoticon Yippee Emoticon Awesome Emoticon WOOt Emoticon Yay Emoticon

Sad Faces

Sob Emoticon Shake Head Emoticon Miserable Emoticon Tear Emoticon Ohh no Emoticon

For everyone of you, I hope you’ve a lot of fun, to support your favorite nation into the World Cup in Brazil. These smileys are for the fans.

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