WordPress 4.2 broke classic emoticons

Hi guys,

with the new WordPress update to 4.2 the classic emoticons are gone and emoji take there place.

  • Safe the classic emoticons :!: I show you the way to get them back! :arrow:

With WordPress 4.2 you’ll see no longer our beauties like :) ;) or :mrgreen: at first I was confused because the old emoticons are still into the installation path. :?:

I checked several times the directory wp-includes/images/smilies I see the old beauties, but I also notice some new .png files in this directory. But there was only 4 new files in this directory and the other 18 files I can’t find them. :?

At my site I only saw different sorts of emoji now. Some of them in Apple style like the wink other ones like the smile in WordPress style.

Holy shit this looks so ugly! :| If they would have same style, I would say ok this is not what I want, but they decided for a update to emoji. But take something from here and use something from there and put this all together. Sorry this was a big fault in my eyes. 8O

How to get your classic emoticons back!

There is a way to get your beauties back. You need to install two plugins for the classic emoticons! Seriously WordPress :roll:

One for disable the emoji the other one to bring back the classic emoticons!

Don’t let the classic emoticons die! :cool:

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